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Gilbert here, my closest pals call me Bert!


I’m a lover of all things beautiful. A sneaker, toy and book collector, photography to me is a means to express my thoughts and views to others, as you can see. I’m attached to a good design the way my photography guides me.

I got into the wedding industry by pure accident but it was a love at first feel. From the first wedding assignment I witness the outpouring of love, affections, joys and the dynamics of different families brought together by Love. It’s an addictive industry with endless challenges and need to revamp your thoughts and ideas once a while.

Being visual commentators, we love the challenge of bringing our unique perspective to your celebration, and relish the thought of creating special images that you and your family will enjoy for generations to come. We will be there for your life’s most important moments!

It would be the greatest honour to be able to document your life’s precious moments, as always, we taken lots of care and thoughts into our visual commentary. Hope you enjoy and are inspired by what we can offer! We simply love a good celebration!